The National Privacy Commission is the country’s privacy watchdog; an independent body mandated to administer and implement the Data Privacy Act of 2012, and to monitor and ensure compliance of the country with international standards set for data protection.

Quality Policy

As the Philippines’ data privacy authority, the National Privacy Commission is committed to protect the personal information of data subjects and to foster a culture of privacy towards a competitive, knowledge-based, and innovative nation.

To this end, we shall:

Nurture and empower our employees to provide competent and effective service as a technology and results-driven regulatory authority;

Perform our mandate with passion and utmost integrity through continually improving policies and systems at par with international standards; and,

Commit to regulatory and statutory requirements of public service for the benefit of the Filipino people.

Datos ng Pilipino, Protektado Ko!


A world-class regulatory and enforcement agency upholding the right to privacy and data protection while ensuring the free flow of information, committed to excellence, driven by a workforce that is highly competent, future-oriented, and ethical, towards a competitive, knowledge-based, and innovative nation.


A Message from the Commissioners & Organizational Chart


We shall continuously deliver services to:

(1) Be the authority on data privacy and protection, providing knowledge, know-how, and relevant technology.

(2) Establish a regulatory environment that ensures accountability in the processing of personal data and promotes global standards for data privacy and protection.

(3) Build a culture of privacy, through people empowerment, that enables and upholds the right to privacy and supports free flow of information.

The Commission

A Message
From the Commission

We have never given our personal information as easily as we do today. Technology, and the convenience it offers, has seduced us into handing over our names, addresses, and phone numbers so willingly. Personal data is exchanged for free online and offline services, loyalty card discounts, and personalized brand experiences, among others.

But giving out personal data comes at a potential cost. Security breaches happen where personal information gets destroyed, lost, altered or disclosed, accessed, and processed without consent. Many times, these instances lead to identity theft, fraud, duplication of credit cards, blackmail and damaged reputation — both among individuals and organizations.

These breaches are on the rise as organizations increasingly rely on digital data, making data protection more important than ever. This is where we, the National Privacy Commission or NPC, come in.

The NPC exists to ensure compliance of the country with international standards set for data protection. We are the Philippine government’s arm to make sure you remain in full control of your personal information in this digital age. As digital evolution and the need for data are inevitable, we safeguard your rights as a data subject while ensuring the free flow of information for innovation, growth, and national development.

We welcome you to explore our website to know more about what we do to advocate privacy rights, and what you may do too, to help build a culture of privacy in the Philippines.