What is Data Privacy?

The right of an individual not to have private information about himself disclosed, and to live freely from surveillance and intrusion.

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NPC PHE BULLETIN No. 4: Protecting personal data in the time of COVID-19

March 23, 2020

A growing number of online fraudsters are exploiting the public fear surrounding the COVID-19, using the pandemic to lure people into clicking phishing emails and installing malwares capable of stealing personal data and money. Our fear during a crisis can expose us to data privacy risks, predisposing us to make hasty or ill-informed choices online, […]


NPC PHE BULLETIN No. 3: Collect what is necessary. Disclose only to the proper authority.

March 19, 2020

Data protection in times of Emergency The National Privacy Commission recognizes the extraordinary challenges our nation is facing due to this unfamiliar global pandemic. We all share the same concern and the urgent need to contain the spread of the virus. To win this battle against COVID- 19, trusted and verified information is vital. Thus, […]



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