What is Data Privacy?

The right of an individual not to have private information about himself disclosed, and to live freely from surveillance and intrusion.

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NPC PHE Bulletin No. 18: Online Raffles and Other Games of Chance: Ensuring Proper Safeguards in the Collection of Personal Data

April 11, 2021

As the country struggles with the pandemic and the limitations forced by the community quarantine, some enterprising businesses and organizations have offered to help individuals and families in need. From recent reports, this comes in the form of online raffles and other games of chance, where cash and/or livelihood assistance can be won instantly. The […]


Practice Transparency with Responsibility when Posting SAP Beneficiaries on Social Media

April 8, 2021

The National Privacy Commission is urging local government authorities to practice transparency with responsibility when posting the identities of the financial beneficiaries of the Social Amelioration Program (SAP) on social media. We understand that using social media platforms is a quick and accessible method to reach the public and uploading the list of SAP beneficiaries […]



April 5, 2021

The National Privacy Commission (NPC) is currently validating information that says 879,699 Facebook accounts of Filipino netizens allegedly are compromised as part of the large-scale breach affecting 533 million global users in the social media platform. Initial information shows that the data leaked includes phone numbers, full names, location, e-mail addresses, and biographical information of […]



Advisory on modified in-person or face-to-face hearing of cases for all parties with pending hearings with the NPC download here

There is an easier and safer way to file your complaints before the National Privacy Commission through the improved COMPLAINTS-ASSISTED FORM (CAF). Download the new version of the form here. Do not forget to attach a copy of your supporting documents.

Validity of DPO Registrations is extended until 30 June 2021. Email [email protected] for queries.

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