What is Data Privacy?

The right of an individual not to have private information about himself disclosed, and to live freely from surveillance and intrusion.

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Privacy Commission now allows e-hearings

August 5, 2020

The National Privacy Commission (NPC) has adopted videoconferencing to reduce the risks of coronavirus infections posed by face-to-face hearings. Advisory 2020 – 02 or the “Guidelines on the Use of Videoconferencing Technology for the Remote Appearance and Testimony of Parties Before the NPC” took effect on the day it was issued on 3 August. The […]


Data privacy leaders support President Duterte’s call for safer e-commerce, e-governance

July 28, 2020

Data privacy advocates in the public and private sectors, including those from the manufacturing, banking and BPO industries, have expressed support for President Duterte’s call for safer e-commerce and e-governance spaces in his fifth State of the Nation Address. “President Duterte’s thrust to protect consumers’ personal data, and enforce data protection and privacy laws will […]


Statement of Privacy Commissioner Raymund Enriquez Liboro on the disclosure of details surrounding BuCor’s COVID-19 cases

July 20, 2020

The Data Privacy Act is not a cloak for denying the public’s right to know. High-profile inmates like Jaybee Sebastian had become public figures on account of their previous association with particular national issues in the past. There is a justified public interest to release information like details surrounding the deaths from COVID-19 of these […]



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