Manage HR

What do you need from your HR regarding trainings?

Training: Provide ongoing training and awareness to promote compliance with the data privacy policy and to mitigate operational risks

  • The organization/agency maintains a training/seminar about DPA for their DPOs/CO
  • The organization/agency will conduct refresher about DPA/DPOs at least 2x a year
  • Give seminars/awareness in response to issues/topics regarding DPA
  • The organization/agency integrates data privacy into other training programs, such as HR training, security training and new employee training to streamline important training material into a cohesive training program consistent with the organization’s training and communications objectives.
  • Provide training/awareness in action to timely issues/topics (e.g. events such as data breaches, violations of the organization’s data privacy policy and new laws or regulations.)
  • Provide a privacy newsletter from NPC corporate information.
  • Provide privacy awareness materials (e.g. posters and videos)
  • Provide privacy awareness events (e.g. an annual data privacy day/week)
  • Enforce the requirement to compete privacy training
  • Provide ongoing education and training regarding DPA and/or DPO awareness
  • Maintain certification for individuals responsible for Personal Information Controller (PIC)/Personal Information Processor (PIP) including continuing professional education for DPOs
  • Measure participation in data privacy training activities (e.g. numbers of participants, scoring)
  • Require completion of data privacy training as part of performance review