Guidelines on how to fill out the Registration Form for Individual Professionals

STEP 1 Download the registration form
  • Download thru the NPC website or use this link
  • The file is best viewed with PDF reader
STEP 2 Fill-out completely
  • Fill-out digitally
  • Hand-written forms will not be accepted
  • Do not leave any blank fields (state N/A if not applicable to you).
  • If practicing more than one profession, indicate all and supply ID numbers
  • The email address and Philippine cellphone number you supply shall be treated as your official contact channels
STEP 3 Affix your signature
  • Append your digital signature
  • Print out the digitally filled-out form
  • Sign by hand
  • Scan the signed paper document
STEP 4 Save file
  • Those who appended their digital signature should save the form as a .PDF file, with this format:
    Fullname_dpo.pdf (example: delacruzjuan_dpo.pdf)
  • TAKE NOTE!!! Those who printed out the form should save two (2) files:
    1. a .PDF file with the digitally encoded details; and
    2. the scanned and signed copy of the form
    example: delacruzjuan_dpo.pdf
STEP 5 Submit via email
  • Send the completed form/s to the NPC via email to:[email protected]
  • Take note: There is no need to notarize the registration form. For those without a digital signature, make sure there are 2 files attached:
    1. the .PDF file with the encoded details;
    2. the scanned and signed copy of the form.
STEP 6 Validation & Confirmation
  • Upon manual validation of your submitted file, we shall send the following:
    *Verification link via email
    *Access Code via text messaging
  • Regularly check your official email account and phone for them.
  • Once you have both, you may create a user account, to enable you to proceed with Phase 2 of the NPC Registration for Individual Professionals.