Guidelines on DPO Registration Process

STEP 1: Download the registration form.

  • The file is best viewed with a PDF reader (Do not edit the document on any browser to avoid errors in filling out the form).

STEP 2: Fill-out completely.

  • Fill-out digitally (this can be done with Adobe Reader or MS Edge).
  • Do not leave any blank fields, state N/A if the field is not applicable to you.
  • The email address and Philippine cellphone number you provide will be treated as your official contact channels.
  • Select all appropriate sectors applicable to your organization on Pages 2 to  4 of the form.

STEP 3: Download and Affix your signature.

  • Print out the digitally filled-out form.
  • The Data Protection Officer and the Head of the Agency need to sign by hand. Digital signatures will not be accepted.

STEP 4: Notarize and Scan the Completed Form.

  • Have the filled-out form notarized.
  • Scan the notarized DPO form together with the supporting documents.
The required supporting documents are the following: For Government Agencies: 1. Special/Office Order, or any similar document, designating or appointing the DPO of the PIC or PIP; and 2. Where applicable, a copy of the charter of your agency, or any similar document identifying its mandate, powers, and/or functions. For Private Entities: 1. Duly notarized Secretary’s Certificate authorizing the appointment or designation of DPO, or any other document that demonstrates the validity of the appointment or designation. 2. Photocopy of any of the following documents, where applicable:
a. Certificate of Registration (SEC Certificate, DTI Certification of Business Name or Sole Proprietorship) or any similar document; and/or
b. Franchise, license to operate, or any similar document.

STEP 5: Submit via email.

  • Send the scanned form and supporting documents to the National Privacy Commission via email to: [email protected]
  •  Your email should have the subject: Name of Organization _DPO
  • An automated acknowledgement of the received email will be sent to the sender Note: The acknowledgement email does not mean that the documents are complete, the Compliance and Monitoring division will still validate their contents.

STEP 6: Validation & Confirmation.

  • Upon validation of your submitted file:
    • For complete and accurate submissions – You will receive an email acknowledging your submission as complete. You may now request for a certificate of registration.
    • For incomplete or submitted documents with issues – You will receive an email with instructions on how to complete your registration.
  • Regularly check your official email account and phone for our email confirmation.

STEP 7: Request for the Certificate of Registration.

  • Send an email to [email protected]
  • Your email should have the subject: Name of Organization_Request for Certificate of Registration