Requesting Advisory Opinion

Who may request?

You, either as a data subject/citizen or as a representative of a personal information controller, may request an advisory opinion from the NPC when you have a concern about a privacy violation, personal data breach or matters related to personal data protection, or any other violation the Data Privacy Act and other NPC issuances that does not affect you personally or involve your personal data.

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How do I request?

  • Put your request in writing (addressed to NPC) and clearly identify your data privacy concern.
  • Make sure that your request:
    • relates to novel issues or legitimate data privacy concerns;
    • is not related to any pending investigation or case before the NPC; and
    • is not a matter that has previously been subject of an advisory opinion.
  • List down and attach, if applicable, all facts and supporting documents that will allow us to adequately evaluate your data privacy concern.
  • Indicate your contact details in the request, including a working e-mail address.
  • Send it to us at [email protected] or personally submit at the NPC office thru its General Records Unit.
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When can I expect a response?

You will receive a written response via email within 20 working days.

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Process Matrix

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