Inviting the NPC to Events

Who may send invitations?

Personal information controllers (PIC) may invite us over to their events to discuss data privacy-related topics. NPC will send its speakers, while logistics and other event requirements will be shouldered by the PIC.

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How do I send an invitation?

  • Put your request in writing (addressed to NPC).
  • Include a brief background about the event.
  • Indicate the event schedule, venue and program as well as the participants’ profile.
  • Indicate the data privacy topics you would like NPC to discuss.
  • Indicate your contact details in the request, including a valid e-mail address.
  • Send it to us at [email protected] or personally submit at the NPC office thru its Public Information and Assistance Division.
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When can I expect a response?

You will receive our written response within five working days.

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Process Matrix

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