Guidelines on Amendment of Registration Records

STEP 1: Download Amendment Cover Letter – Download here

STEP 2: Download DPO Form

STEP 3: Scan Amendment Cover Letter with all applicable supporting documents

Type of Amendment Required supporting document

Major Changes are changes in any of the following:

  • Name of Organization/Individual Professional
  • Address of Organization/Individual Professional
  • Name of Head of Agency
  • Name of Data Protection Officer

A. Data Protection Officer Form indicating changes requested,

B. Special Order/Office Order designating or appointing the new DPO of the PIC or PIP; or

C. Duly notarized Secretary’s Certificate authorizing the appointing or designation of the DPO; and/or

D. Updated Certificate of Registration (S.E.C Certificate, DTI Certification of Business Name or Sole Proprietorship) or Franchise and/or License to Operate

Minor Change are changes aside from the above stated information

A. Data Protection form indicating the changes requested

B. Copy of Certificate of Registration in lieu of the following: i. Certificate of Registration (S.E.C, DTI, or any similar document) ii. Franchise, license to operate or any similar document

STEP 4: Send scanned documents via email at

[email protected] or [email protected]

Email subject must be

Amendment_(Name of PIC/Individual Professional)


· For PICs/PIPs, you are required to use a generic DPO email address, not personally identified with the appointed DPO but with the position (i.e. [email protected]).

· The DPO email address should be unique per PIC/PIP

· Only the DPO and Head of Agency should sign the DPO form

· unsigned and/or unnotarized DPO form and/or Secretary Certificate will NOT be accepted